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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 23, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning, america. happening right now, the blizzard of 2016. this is a storm for the history books. >> it's just going to get worse and it's going to get worse fast. >> as we speak this monster is barreling up the east coast, 80 million people in its deadly path. warnings have been issued from alabama to new england. states of emergency declared up and down the east coast. wind gusts nearly 70 miles an hour. snowplows struggling to keep up. >> the plow trucks will remain out throughout the storm. >> the nightmare on the roads. thousands of people stranded. >> just a complete standstill. >> rob with the advice that could save your life. >> as the snow piles up will the
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the advice from officials, stay home. the close call right in front of our eyes and the crashes, the storm is now whipping up the waves and fears of major damage along the shore. >> d.c. paralyzed. the transit system shut down. airports now ghost towns. and the st. bernard that needed his own rescue. complete coverage of this massive storm, our extreme weather team up and down the coast this morning with all you need to know. hey, good morning, everybody. we're coming on the air right in the thick of the blizzard of 2016. look at the map. this thing has been called massive and major. it's been called snowmageddon, even apocalypse plow, whatever you call it, it is a beast. >> if you're hunkered down at home dan and i want to thank you for tuning in. look at these live pictures out
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cities under a blizzard warning and here's a live look at the jersey shore. it's the area hit hard by superstorm sandy just over three years ago bracing there yet again and a lot of tension and nerves. >> legitimately so. we've got hours to go on this thing but already the impact is real and widespread. more than 170,000 homes and businesses without power right now. 9,000 flights canceled. more than 3,000 accidents out on the roads. dead. >> and we do begin our coverage in the city that's getting the worst of it. our nation's capital and rob is right there. rob, good morning to you. >> good morning, paula. hi, dan. it is coming down here in the nation's capital where we have seen it snowing hard all night long. criteria. me. you see the andrew jackson statue pretty clearly. beyond that it is difficult to see the white house through all
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the obamas, by the way, i'm told are home this weekend. so they are hunkered down and sheltered in place. obviously this is drifting quite a bit but right now we're looking at about 14 to 15 inches in this spot and we expect potentially another foot here in the d.c. area and obviously this is not the only spot that we're going to get it. this is a massive storm and it is just blowing up now that it has tapped the energy and moisture from the warm atlantic ocean. take a look at the radar. moisture shield, most of it is white now. a little bit of sleet mixing in near the coastline but snow wrapping all the way back through west virginia and even ohio and the snow shield well into 4r50i8d and new york. we have upped the snow totals there. winds huge. the coastal beach erosion, big waves there, power outages, you bet. all along the i-95 corridor up to boston and by 4:00 this afternoon, still snowing winding to slow down later on tonight.
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numbers for the new york city area. could see 15 to as much as 20 inches in the big apple and snow removal there is an issue so monday may be a problem there and then back through philadelphia, maybe even more than that here in d.c., 20 plus inches. could see 25, that would be nearly a record in south and west we could see close to 30 inches of snow. a quiet year so far, el nino but only takes one and this is certainly the one for this year if not the century so far. >> had you not pointed out the white house in the background, we may not have spotted it. so snowy. we'll check in later and new york city also taking a direct hit. >> ron and sara braving the elements usually bustle ing but a wintry ghost town. how are you doing out there? >> not well, dan and paula. not real well. like you said normally the city is beginning to wake up at this hour. people out, cars out.
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it's pretty much a ghost town. heeding the advice of city officials to stay home and not have their cars out. >> yeah and when we were driving there, it actually took me about double the time. for good reason, everyone's moving slower. but the wind is actually whipping so hard at my face right now, this is getting uncomfortable and know it goes on for another 12 hours. >> getting some of the worst is eva pilgrim in philadelphia in the special mobile unit. over to you, eva. >> good morning, guys. this storm shutting down roads from north carolina to new york this morning. we are here in the storm chaser suv in philadelphia right here, independence hall and snow still coming down, the roads completely covered here. when the wind picks up, it makes it really difficult to see. local officials urging people if you don't have to go out, stay home.
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into hazard zones this morning. cars slipping and sliding all up and down the east coast. watch as this suv spins out of control right behind a reporter's live shot. in philadelphia, we hit the roads with snowplow drivers trying to keep a handle on the continuing snow but with the road temperature of just 24 degrees, it was an uphill climb. >> guys are getting stuck. when we come back we're going to get them all out of there. >> reporter: the plow trucks will remain out throughout the storm, but as long as there's snow falling, the roads will remain somewhat dangerous. one north carolina driver is lucky to be alive. his car flipped over on the ice. >> i just held on and hoped for the best. there was nothing i could do. >> reporter: in tennessee, people forced to push their cars to safety. virginia state police responding to nearly a thousand crashes
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so far this weather, blamed for three traffic-related deaths. >> it is just going to get worse and going to get worse fast. >> reporter: and the snow continues to fall here in philadelphia. and until it stops, these roads are going to remain pretty dicey. ron and sara. >> actually we'll pick it up from here, eva. ron and sara, we're going to allow them back inside after negotiation with their agents. eva, please drive carefully. speaking of dangerous on the road we want to take you to a stretch of highway in kentucky where an urgent situation is playing out. 3,000 vehicles stranded. >> yeah, they have been there all night. talking moms and children, aditi roy joins us to tell us about the officials scrambling to clear the logjam as well as get needed supplies to the drivers marooned in their cars. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, some very exhausted and cold
7:08 am
roads. we're in louisville, kentucky, and the roads clear but a couple hours south of us the snow covered highway is a mile's long parking lot. >> they tell us we're going to get you out of here very soon. that was nine hours ago. we have not moved an inch at all. >> reporter: overnight thousands of drivers in the bull's-eye of the massive blizzard, trapped inside their cars on snow battered interstate 75 in kentucky. after two jackknifed trucks brought traffic to a standstill. >> we're estimating 3,000 vehicles but we can't put an estimate on the number of people. >> reporter: with traffic backed up for miles, state troopers and highway patrol have been called in to help get drivers to a nearby church and middle school. >> we've recently got reports that people are needing some water and they are a little bit hungry and so we're doing our best to respond to those emergency concerns. >> reporter: but the help isn't getting to everyone. one woman trapped inside her car with her two children and her parents including her father who
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>> they're supposed to be sending fuel, blankets, water, food and we have not seen anyone. we have not seen anybody from the national guard, anything. just the one police officer. >> reporter: some drivers say they have been stuck on i-75 for as many as ten hours. people battling frigid temperatures forced to turn off their cars to save gas. >> i took somebody's advice and we tried to shut the van off a couple of types but it gets so cold so quickly and i don't want my kids to get sick or cold. >> reporter: your hearts go out to them. right now it's not clear when the interstate will clear back up. paula and dan. >> you're right. our hearts do go out to those young children and their parents. thank you. we did mention the jersey shore which as you remember was devastated a little over three years ago by superstorm sandy and are now worried about a repeat. >> people along the shore have really gone to extreme measures to protect their property this time around.
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abc's linzie janis right there in atlantic city. linzie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. i'm backing away from this sea here because we're right around high tide. this is by the jersey shore, extremely concerned about major coastal flooding. these waves out on shore, you got 20-foot waves closer in, ten-foot waves, the wind is fierce. i have a wind meter and i've been monitoring it, sustained winds around 30 to 40 miles per hour with gusts up to 65 miles per hour. the real concern is the storm surge will hit businesses and homes that were hard hit by sandy. overnight, the jersey shore bracing for impact. putting to the test the berms erected like this one. take a look at this giant sand dune. it's been built to try to protect the homes and businesses along the shore. 12 feet tall and nearly a mile and a half long.
7:11 am
the toons of sand and debris pushed miles inland whenrm sandy struck just over three years ago. >> i mean, i'm like terrified it's going to happen so i'm out of here. >> reporter: 37,000d or damaged. >> reporter: iconic landmarks completely wash add way by the surge which feet in some parts of the state. this morning, officials fear some communities could be facing the same elevated sea levels. to door issuing a mandatory evacuation for some residents, others warned simply to be on guard. and it is a full moon just as sanders so sea levels already elevated. that is a big concern. we just clocked these winds in at over 50 miles per hour. dan and paula. >> a the timing couldn't be worse. we're thinking about the people along the shore just over three
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superstorm sandy. stay safe out there, linzie, thank you. as we said d.c. is really in the bull's-eye of this blizzard but the surrounding suburbs are also getting pounded right now. >> they're expecting more than two feet in some areas of virginia but what's even moreht now is they're bracing for power outages that could last for several days and abc's gloria riviera is in us this morning. hi, gloria. >> reporter: good morning. i have to tell you we're in reston in a town center and feels like it's getting worse, not the early hours very low winds, now they've gotten up to about 30 miles per hour. i want to show you something. look down here. there is a path behind me. it's it looks passable, right? that's what it looks like when you've had near constant snow removal. they've been shoveling. they've been plowing, but those suburban areas danger of losing power, they haven't had that. emergency teams told me last night they were working around the clock, these guys are just
7:13 am
can't move the snow fastt you to take a look down there. now, remember, yesterday less than 24 hours ago there wasn't an inch of snow. now it looks like the north pole.piles everywhere. come up here. this is one snow pile where the snows accumulated in less than a day where they've been plowing and shoveling. i am 5'6". this. this is a yardstick. i'm going to need more than that and the news ahead is that this snow, it's still coming so theset going to get bigger with more snow. >> d.c. is just getting pounded. if you're waking up this morning, you don't see snow, well, you might feel the effects because you will most likely feel the ripple effects. the storm iserely disrupting plane and train travel. >> thousands of flights canceled. some airports closed. long lines at train stations, as well. and abc's david kerley is covering that angle fromc.
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i was going to tell you the streets are completely like a ghost town but here's a cab trying to get through. we'll let him go by. this is one of the main thoroughfares in washington, d.c. the white house just a couple of blocks down but look at this snow on connecticut. we're about halfway through the storm and this is going to be a good is stuck. he's going to try to back up. this is untouched snow. if i dig down to the pavement we're looking --ore than a foot of snow already here and more is on the way. let's talk about what's happened so far. look at flight aware. this is the tracking system of country. look at the hole over washington, baltimore and philadelphia, those flights are shut down, they are going n fact, we've had cancellations that will run through tomorrow, about 8200 flights canceled. really today in this area nobody is go to the airport. and a lot of sporting events needless to say have been
7:15 am
they are gone both in the nhl and in the a bunch of college games too. the big game tomorrow, panthers and cardinals down in carolina, they got hit already and have been cleaning up the stadium so they can playre's goes this cab. he is having a hard time getting out of here in washington, d.c. because these roads are so covered with snow. we're halfway through the storm. it is a good one, i got to tell you, dan and going to be a historic storm for the washington area. >> it will and as you said, we're going to be feeling it all over the country because of those flightd, thank you. let's bring it back to new york city for a minute because there's practically been no snow all winter which i have delighted in. >> we've all delighted in that that is, untile awakening. this times square time lapse video. the mayor declaring a winter weather emergency and meteorologist indra is
7:16 am
saturday. stay home. if you do not need to go outside, why would you go outside. do not risk your life workers that would have to come out and try to get you. we've seen seven inches of where i'm showing. keep in mind we're just starting this event here. snowfall rates one to two inches per hour and the rates have been up. by the end of tomorrow we could be talking about possibly 20 inches. if we surpass could be the third snowiest on record. now, keep in mind there's something called wind out here. it is a blizzard so we're going to be talking about snow drifts. forget this. weut snow drifts as high as my head. even above that. that is the problem. of course, we've already been talking about these winds. take a look at them. and strengthening in the last few hours. right now behind me you can see the chase building but you can see my anemometer that wind.
7:17 am
the snow will blow around and visibility could go from a quarter mile even down to zero. that is the danger. so you may think this we are not even there yet. we have a blizzard warning in effect. those winds are not even at that blizzard level at least here at this point in time. now, that is the reason why the city, they have, yes, 2,000 seeing them go by and 300,000 tons of salt. they may need it. this system is really picking up. residents, they're preparing, as to the hardware store yesterday. i have to say, see these shovels they were flying off the shelves. not sure if it's because of there. still do. of course, i prepared, as well. you, wait for it. do you know what this is, dan? hands. dan, i'd love to say thank you but i don't know if i can.
7:18 am
i promised to send her battery powered socks. i failed and she is now taking matters into her own hands, into her own feet. >> smart we salute you and i apologize and we'll come back to you as theng progresses. i got to say she's been telling people don't go outside. don't go outside. when i see these images i haveptation to go outside. when i saw ron outside suffering, i have zero temptation. >> ron's back and sara is back.he studio. rob is also safe. in washington, d.c. >> maybe a little cold. >> yes, so back to rob once again. what's cooking with you? talking about? it's amazing out here. now, look, even for a short period of time maybe to go out for a stroll, enjoy the snowscape. the winds though, they're prettyot for these safety glasses, i would have a hard time looking into the lens so it's coming down pretty hard. you know, once a year maybe for of time this is
7:19 am
it is certainly in d.c. on a saturday. why not come out and enjoy some of the spectacular monuments and such that they have herein is the white house. which is still dark, by the way. i think they have their cozy jammies on and shelter in place. that's the advice. shelter in place. if you poke outsidefar from the house and be prepared to get back inside. you can get hypothermia in a hurry. warnings as far south as the storm is moving further north but intensifying as it does that. blizzard warnings remain posted and increased them tof connecticut and most of these go through the overnight tonight because even when the snow stops, we're going to see big winds. coastal flood warnings, we talked about on the coast, flood watches and advisories out for big waves, pounding surf and beach erosion there and the winds are going to be whipping not only along the coast but winds gusting over 70 miles an
7:20 am
winds certainly to that level right on through the overnight period tonight. all right. that's a quick check.> good morning. janessa webb. 27 for today. all we can do is watch the winter storm. tay closer to cloud coverage. and a few flurries coming in towards the west. that weather extends to conditions for the evening with a chill in the air . overnight lows falling down to the mid-to lower teens. shut down. they did that earlier yesterday. the metro shut down. only way to get around is on foot or if you want a cab. the roads are treacherous. dan and paula, back to you. >> the advice, don't get around. just sit home andon or do something educational.
7:21 am
cold day. tell you about. a st. bernard rescued from an now, this happened in fairfax county, virginia, overnight, the video shows firefighters trying to coax milo out of the lake. the dog was with ad been tubing down the hill when he walked out on the ice and actually fell through. now, the firefighters did an amazing job and milo was taken home to get warped up. can you st. bernards are trained to do rescues themself and the role reversal. >> so cute. >> he's doing fine after 30im up in vet care they were able to send him home. he was fine but how scary to look at your dog and know you can't help it. >> terrible. that would absolutely heech wouldn't have lasted two minutes. >> for me like watching you outside in the snow a couple of minutes ago. our hearts went out -- >> that short stick drawing we did this morning, he was of enjoyed watching
7:22 am
out loud. >> no, you shouldn't, take it back. >> i take it back. up on "gma." how to survive if you get stranded in your car during the storm. these tips really could save your life. plus, oscar overhaulinkett smith. changes coming to the academy awards. >> details up ahead in "pop news" for baby n bells. tease. "good morning america" brought to you by state farm. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you.having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there.
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under cloudy skies and quiet conditions. if you lake effect snow showers
7:28 am
huron, lorain county. atures, 26 towards elyria. inland locations still sing a breezy weather temperatures currently into the lower 20s. some of the cool air tracking from the west is well to the south east with winter weather advisories due to the area of low pressure that is moving across the hour by hour, not too much sunshine today. under mostly quite a -- cloudy
7:29 am
a." you're looking live at what is allegedly the white house, but you can't really see it because it is whited out. right in the middle of it. the monstering much of the east coast. nine states and washington, d.c. in states of emergency and this storm is far from over. more than two feet possible by later tonight in d.c., so has claimed three lives in two states. >> in kentucky, right now desperation on the roads as drivers are stranded for hours without food and water onte 75. they're just sitting there, no end in sight. it dumped more than 18 inches on that roadway hasefforts.
7:30 am
stopping the small group of soldiers who stand guard at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national's 3rd infantry regiment guard that tomb 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. regardless of the elements and we do want morning. a stark reminder of the selfless sacrifice of our military and serving, no matter what happens they're there to serve us. >> a tough morning and night for them. we dosaid. also coming up, we have one nonweather story to tell you about. so much outrage right now over the lack of diversity among this year's oscar nominee, some sitting out the whole affair. now this morning, the new steps the academy says it is taking to address who does the voting. will these steps make a story is coming up but first here rob is right out in the thick of it. braving the blizzard and it's all happening right now. >> he has more fromc. where they're calling the storm historic and epic. we see that the white house
7:31 am
it is the white house. >> yeah, it is. in this snow. we've got visibility at a quarter to a half mile. winds at 34 miles an hour. blizzard criteria and getting is piling up. look at this. fresh tracks here. this is cold snow, dry snow, stuff. you want that go closer to the et that near that warm ocean you also get some incredible instability and there was thunder snow this morning along the new jersey coastlen. incredible. when you talk about the need to be in place and lift that needs to happen with a coastal low like that. we've gots the area. check out the moisture field with heavy stuff still here in d.c., heavy stuff in baltimore and going to be ongoing throughout the day and warnings
7:32 am
this low gets cranked. we'll see winds well over 30, 40, 50 miles an hour.cane force at langley air force base and those winds will crank overnight. blowing and drifting snow right through the overnight, even when the snow stops so just be and, again, here's what we expect, 15 to 20 inches in new york city and certainly on long island and then greater amounts even further south and southwest. by the way, there's another storm heading in the west coast. tahoe getting more, aspen getting more, as, you name it. if d.c. was a little hillier, man, we would be cutting some tracks right now. that's a quick check. good morning. we are watching the snow storm d northeast
7:33 am
daytime high into the s. there is a freeze out of the northwest at 15 to 20 miles per hour. ow we've got on the roadways in the storm zone. that can be a very dangerous situation. i went out with an expert who gave us helpful tips on what to do if that happened ande for it. it is literally stuff that can save your life. >> reporter: it can happen in an instant driving in an unfamiliar anded in the snow. >> that's going nowhere. >> reporter: it happened to four men in oregon. their gps sending them the wrong way into very rough secluded >> we didn't know how long we would be there. >> the men hunkering down for 18 hours until help finally arrived. what happens if you do get o you need to do to survive. vehicle.
7:34 am
me through his survival tips. so the middle of nowhere. temperatures in the teens. what should i do? >> stay cool and stay warm at the same time. >> reporter: telling me to keep calm and bundle up. >> make your car rag or some brightly colored ribbon. run your vehicle ten minutes every hour, have the heat running and phone and most important thing, stay with your vehicle. >> don't leave this car but i had to ask. my instinct to survive is to help. how do you keep from >> fight the instinct. keep your wits about you and stay with this vehicle because >> reporter: don't forget to pack this. a simple survival kit complete with a whistle, that bright rag, ers, emergency blanket, protein bars and a flashlight with extra batteries and, of course, a first aid kit. >> when you're in a situation like this we are in right now. life. >> be prepared.
7:35 am
and your family to take away with you. obviously shelter in place is the advice here and across theone even if you're not in the snow zone, i know you want a snow day, dallas and it's 70, stay put, enjoy a movie. blizzard. >> my plan is i'm going to stay indoors but i'm going to wear the goggles that rob is wearing.e i can pull it off. >> i feel like you could too. >> thank you. he does the hard work, i look like a geek. >> for you it's ion. unction. for him it's fashion. >> the room is turning against me. coming up could big changes be coming to hollywood as a result of the uproar over the
7:36 am
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is real outrage this morning at the oscars over the lack of di trersty among the nominees with some of hollywood's biggest names saying they'll skip it entirely. it looks now, though, likeanges, real changes are afoot.
7:40 am
tell you about. just announced by the motion picture academy aimed at sity and chris connelly joins us from l.a. with more. hi, chris. >> reporter: good morning, paula. with controversy growing and more big names talking about passing the oscars by, the academy to address its issues head on as it looks to create a voting membership that's younger, more diverse and more engaged in present day moviemaking.ling from the widespread outcry and the prospect of some high-profile absences from the oscars after for the second of its 20 acting nominations went to a person of color overlooking such performances as idris elba intion" and not giving a best picture nod to "straight outta compton." >> i got something to say. >> reporter: the academy of motion picture arts and sciences on friday announcing what it
7:41 am
changes to its membership's voting he will eligibility requirements. going forward members who had been given lifetimeeges now getting them for a ten-year stretch. renewable for another ten years only if that person has remained active in motion pictures. theh efforts to enhance the diversity of the academy board and outreach to new members that's aimed at doubling the number of who are women and minorities by 2020. on social media "selma" director step in a long journey. the announcement coming in the weighing of some saying they'd skip the ceremony in response to the nominations. director spike lee awarded anhis year. as well as jada pinkett smith and her husband, will smith, who spoke earlier to robin.
7:42 am
there and this is okay. >> reporter: all of these matters that one would expect chris rock to share a few thoughts about, when he hosts the 28th. it hasn't escaped my attention that i appear to be the only indoor correspondent this morning, so just so everybody knows here in los angeles, e have a wind of about 3 miles an hour. >> boo. >> and i'm wearing cargo short, guys. >> you have shorts on right now? >> yeah, well -- shot of that. >> we had some leaves blowing. that's all i saw on the way in. >> you're never coming back on this show. just so you know. that's it. that's it.side any time you want. >> i take that back because we love you and we'll be talking to you a bunch as the oscar season ramps up.that. >> thanks, chris. we do want to say coming up on "gma" we'll get back to the issue of the weather because the doctor is in. we'll tell you how to avoid a trip to the emergency room in the nasty weather.
7:43 am
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time now for our "weekend important information to make sure the snowstorm doesn't land you in the emergency room. here with expert advice is dr. peter shearer at mt. here in new york city. what are the most common kinds of injuries you see related to the snow that la land you in the er. >> obviously the most common slips and falls, so out there being a little less cautious, slipping and falling, people more at risk will be the older people, risk of breaking things, we see a lot of st injuries. >> older people are more at
7:46 am
>> more at risk and certainly if a fall happens, the older you are, the greater chance you'llure something. >> don't get old is one preventive measure. >> don't get old. >> what else can you do besides not get old to minimize the risk? >> so you have to be cautious and people certainly do things that are not little more dangerous and climb on their roofs to shovel the snow off. don't do that. and if you're someone who is not in particularly good out and do heavy shoveling of snow. that is like jumping on a treadmill. if you're over the age of 65 and not in good physical condition blood pressure, diabetes, it could provoke a heart attack. >> expert advice from dr. peter shearer from mt. sinai hospital. the apps for your phone to help you weather ahead in "pop news"
7:47 am
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"good morning america" is
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all right, it's time for "pop news." sara has fully defrosted and she's got all the news that is >> my feet haven't defrosted, dan, but thank you for being concerned. nothing can drag one direction's louis tomlinson down this se the singer has welcomed a baby boy with brianna. "people" magazine confirmed the happy news revealing the little one was delivered thursday onirst opened up about becoming a father right on "gma" calling it a very exciting time. those are good words for it. no word yet on a name but we'll be sure to keep you updated andwish the new parents all the best. i'm not that much older than him but i had to make sure he was old enough to have a baby. >> he looks young. >> he's actually 24. >> y young. >> still in the 20s, i mean but i was thinking in my head they just stayed 18 because they started pretty young. >> you called yourself a little bit older than o do the math, dan but thank you so much. >> you're 25, right?
7:52 am
don't mess with it.ulations to ma yeah carry engaged to her boyfriend of nearly a year, james packer. he popped the question thursday evening at a restaurant in new they exited the building mariah proudly displayed her new bling, wait for it, a 35-carat diamond ring. >> whoa. so that was thecoming. >> yeah, can you -- that's called an ice skating rink. the designer telling "vogue" he wanted it to be supernd clearly super big because he says it's an epic ring for an epic time in her life and we couldn't agree more. looks like. in person. i want to hold it. i want to hold it, mariah. i just want to touch it a little. i promise to give it case you don't have a giant -- >> oh, my word. >> gigundo diamond ring to keep you entertained this weekend,
7:53 am
the first is called snow brawling and allows you to chuck snowballs without leaving your lounge chair, dan, step away from the app store. boredom buster is called draw something. one i've done before. this is fun. hugely popular. you basically draw pictures and your buddies have to guess what they are. i can just tell you now that be bad at it he sometimes draws pictures and i have no idea what they are. >> what are those things. >> birds? >> it's love birds. >> ah.uggestion a free app called rounds hanging out with your friends and family can be hard during a blizzard. this app allows as many as 12n one video chat session. so you can watch videos and play games together. you'll basically never need to leave your house again. >> i need an app that will help me today in a smallrtment with a 1-year-old barbarian who is -- has cabin fever. >> you know what's going to happen. you'll have to parent. >> oh, really? >> it's called being a dad.
7:54 am
day off. daddy will have to -- >> ron, you going to help me here. >> no, man, you're on your own. >> take him outside for a >> chilly. >> see what happened to ron's face out there. it's tough. we'll see you tomorrow morning. thanks for joining us. i am janessa. still sing snow on the ground towards summit county atures this morning into the mid-20s and only going to
7:55 am
we are watching a massive storm take over the east coast with warnings and advisories put in place. out towards washington dc all the way to maryland. getting slammed with 2 feet of snow. closer to home, 25 degrees, good morning. western locations. a rare event, lake effect snow tracking backwards towards the east side. kirkland all the way , currently into the upper 20s. inland locations slightly cooler with the northwest breeze. is making temperatures feel like20s. the cool air is tracking in from the rest. sitting into the upper teens and lower 20s near detroit.
7:56 am
southern ohio, low-pressure, hitting the east coast affects. you can see if youather advisories towards southern locations. hour by hour, not too much sunshine today and we will stay under mostly cloudy weather. future cast shows temperatures the upper 20s and we could be flirting with a lower 30 towards the eastern locations today but still s way in. tonight we will be sitting into the midteens. akron and canton, high at 27
7:57 am
that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus.of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? rus. lease a 2016 lincoln mkc for
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